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The firm of John F. Fluehr and Sons, Funeral Directors, is known in Philadelphia for almost a century. The family business was founded by John F. Fluehr Sr. in 1898 in the Old Kensington section of Philadelphia. He was one of eleven children of the late Christopher and Louisa Fluehr and instead of following his father and brothers into the furniture business, he enrolled in the New York College of Embalming and started out for himself as an undertaker, the term in use then for the present “funeral director”.

Fluehr was very industrious and dedicated and he spent long hours in his chosen work. As a result, he became very successful. He had three sons, two of whom qualified for licenses. They joined him in his work.

In 1929, a partnership was formed known as John F. Fluehr & Sons, comprised of John F. Fluehr, Sr. Theodore J. Fluehr, and John F. Fluehr, Jr. three years later John F. Fluehr died at age 55 and the two sons continued the partnership.

In 1930, John F. Fluehr Jr. married and opened a new funeral home in the developing Great Northeast. He, too, was very successful --so much so that in 1937 he built a new funeral home to accommodate his rapidly expanding business. He had four sons, three of whom John F. III, Theodore R., and Richard J., followed him in the business.

In 1959, Mr. Fluehr opened a funeral home in Andalusia (Bensalem), just north of the city line, in Lower Bucks County. It is considered the finest funeral home in the area adjacent to the Northeast. That operation has been under the direction of his son, Richard J. Fluehr since 1959.

In 1972 he dissolved the old partnership with his brother and took his sons into the firm. Through personal service, attention to detail, dedication, and community service, the business has continued to grow.

In 1980, Richard J. Fleuhr Jr., a grandson, entered the business. In 1988 Mr. Fluehr passed the day-to-day operation of the business on to his three sons while still remaining active in the business. In December 1991, illness caused him to retire, and on August 2, 1992, he died at his residence, 3301 Cottman Avenue. His three sons and grandson will continue to serve families with the same sincerity, integrity, compassion and personalized service which have been the Fluehr trademark for nearly 100 years.